The Gospel Saves, Sustains and Secures.

Sunday 27th May 2018. GracePoint Church, Kikuyu Series: 1 Corinthians. Text: 1 Corinthians 1: 4-9 Theme: The Gospel Saves, Sustains and Secures. Introduction. When I was in high school I crafted a name and bestowed it on myself: Victor. A lot of the people who went to school with me still call me Vic andContinue reading “The Gospel Saves, Sustains and Secures.”

The sin of halfheartedness

One poignant memory of growing up was scripture memorization. Sunday school was little more than learning a Bible story and a memory verse for the day. The following week you needed to remember the lesson and the memory verse or else the teacher may not be too pleased with you. Some were however randomly selectedContinue reading “The sin of halfheartedness”