The Death of Death

Sermon Outline

Sunday 18th November 2018.

Text: 1 Corinthians 15: 35 – end.

Theme Sentence: Christians shall rise from the dead in a new body like Christ. Because Christ overcame death, Christians can stand firm and be fully committed to the Lord and His work.

Intro: Let me start today’s sermon on a rather personal note.  on 16th September 2005 I received what was the most devastating news in my life. My father had died only a week after escorting to travel to England to take up a ministry assignment. A few months before (11th March) He had been very proud of me during my graduation and was very supportive of my life and ministry. I was close to him a lot, was his lastborn, went to the same high school, took up the same profession as him (teaching) as him and showed interest in local church like he had. It was too much to take in.

Another death that hit me around that time, though not as hard but quite depressing was the sudden death of John Garang, then the leader of South Sudan on 30th July 2005. It seemed to me, the entire hope of a nation was dashed in that plane crash.

The pain of death of our loved one is very difficult to process. Suddenly life becomes meaningless and not worth living. Our mortality stares at us and we realise how weak we are. We deny, we get angry, we bargain, we get depressed and finally we accept the reality (and finality) of death.

Last Sunday we were reminded that, for the Christian death is not the end of the story. This life is not all there is – we shall be raised again to eternal life just like our Lord was raised. Today, we shall continue in that theme of resurrection and the implication for believers.

  1. We shall resurrect in glorious new bodies like Christ V35-53
  • A tale of two men.
  • Be found on the right man.
  • What passport do you hold?


  1. The death of death – Verse 54 – 57

– Death mocks us today.

– In Christ we shall mock death when Christ gives us victory.

– I am the resurrection and the life.


  1. Stand firm and serve! Verse 58
  • Let nothing you, not even death.
  • Give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, your labour in the Lord is not in vain.




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