The Remote Route

We started our journey at 5.00 AM wanting to be in Nyahururu for breakfast at 8.00 and then proceed to our destination – Rumuruti. In the car was Peter Muturi, our Graduate Apprenticeship Programme Manager and Kevin Odhiambo who looks after the regional work and TransformD, our school leavers discipleship programme. Patrick Macharia, our regionalContinue reading “The Remote Route”

Tithes, Seeds and Firstfruits

Sermon at: GracePoint Church, Kikuyu.  ‘Have you made unusually many trips to the hospital, spending lots of money on doctors, consultations and medications? Thundered the preacher, ‘Or do you find that you have very many trips to the mechanic trying to fix your car? He continued. Or maybe it is the screen of your smartphone.Continue reading “Tithes, Seeds and Firstfruits”

You Don’t Need ‘Deliverance’

Dear Saint, you don’t need ‘deliverance’ Mungai Macharia, Dec 2021. Big Idea: Christians have already been delivered from the kingdom of darkness and continues to grow in Christ-likeness, trusting in Christ alone and His complete work rather than special deliverance sessions. If you have lived in Kenyan town you may have come across tents pitchedContinue reading “You Don’t Need ‘Deliverance’”

Separate from Each Other

Separated from each other “Therefore, remember that formerly you who are Gentiles by birth and called “uncircumcised” by those who call themselves “the circumcision” (which is done in the body by human hands). Ephesians 2:11 The reality of human separation from each other goes back to the fall in Genesis 3. That reality is howeverContinue reading “Separate from Each Other”

Online Communion? No Thanks

Why are we not having communion? Someone called me recently enquiring whether we should prepare for online celebration of the Lord’s supper now that yesterday was the last Sunday in April and as usual, we celebrate communion every last Sunday of the month. My answer was simple, perhaps because I had thought through the issueContinue reading “Online Communion? No Thanks”

A Biblical Response to the Resurgence of African Traditional Religious Practices Among Christians

Presentation at Africa International University Post Graduate Fellowship – 11th March 2020. Rev. Harrison Mungai, GracePoint Church – Kikuyu. Preamble The last 30 years have seen a major shift in the landscape of Christianity in Kenya. We have seen strong cultural movements emerging and attracting attention from the highest church offices in the land. JustContinue reading “A Biblical Response to the Resurgence of African Traditional Religious Practices Among Christians”

Sabbath Year and Jubilee

Sermon: GracePoint Church Kikuyu Sunday 22nd March 2020 Text: Leviticus 25 Theme: The Sovereign God orders how His people are to live and rest. Opening Statement. We are living in a difficult time especially occasioned by the Novel Corona Virus. This ‘new’ infection has caused untold pain to many in the world with nearly tenContinue reading “Sabbath Year and Jubilee”