Salvation Belongs to our God

Sunday 9th November 2014. ACK St. Mark’s Kidfarmco Communion Service Sermon. Mungai Macharia. Readings: 1st  – Genesis 3: 1 – 24, 2nd – Luke 2: 25 – 40. Theme: Salvation belongs to God Introduction Sermon from last Sunday. Reflections of the week gone by – imperfection. Groaning for a better place. Perfect Creation God’s PeopleContinue reading “Salvation Belongs to our God”

Titus…. A Focus on Grace

Sunday 19th April 2015. ACK St. Marks Church Kidfarmco Harrison Mungai Macharia A Call to Godly Living: Paul’s Letter to Titus. The letter is addressed to Titus, one of Paul’s converts (1:4) and a considerable help to Paul in his ministry. When Paul left Antioch to discuss the gospel with the Jerusalem leaders, he tookContinue reading “Titus…. A Focus on Grace”


Norcot Mission Church. Reading, Berkshire. Assignment: The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology) Task: Summarise the New Testament teaching on the gospel recording it’s various and essential elements/facets/component parts. Comment on its Old Testaments roots. Submitted to: Fingland Dent & John Savage Presented by: Harrison Mungai Macharia, Careforce volunteer 2005/2006. June 2006. Table of contents 1. AcknowledgementsContinue reading “Soteriology”